Books So Hot, They’ll Burn a Hole in Your Nightstand

There are definitely a lot of romance novels out there. I’ve read a few (or dozens). They range in theme from chaste to racy to downright dirty. It all depends on what you find interesting or sexy. For me, I like to have my books pack a little more literary punch than 50 Shades of Grey, but not everything needs to be Madam Bovary, either. There are plenty of new authors selling digital books very cheaply or for free in the romance category—the free ones tend to either be the first in a series or a back catalog title to entice you to buy a newer release. I don’t usually care about the reason; I read so quickly, I’m very happy with anything free!

Here are a few of my favorite romance books and authors. If you like it a little (or a lot) hot, take a look at some of these:

J.D. Robb and the …In Death series.  It’s no secret that Robb is a pen name of the romance master, Nora Roberts. This set-in-the-future crime series focuses on the feisty Eve Dallas and her rich and sexy husband, Roarke. Each book has a mystery that begins and ends within its pages. The relationships between the characters have grown and evolved through the series, and there are occasional references to the past, but it doesn’t take away from the enjoyment if you aren’t reading them in sequence. That means I can read whatever book my library happens to have on hand without worry that I’m not going in order.

Any Eloisa James book is going to give you a well-researched, nicely written historical romance, but Desperate Duchess is my favorite. I think that I just enjoy the naivety and bluster of the main character, Roberta. The book goes back and forth a bit between a heated chess game, Roberta’s desire to marry, and her burgeouning relationship with another man. The writing style is clear and smart, and the characters are typically well developed. If you like your bodice-rippers with a little bit of history, put James on your list.

Because I love reading a little of everything, I can’t make a list like this without Larissa Ione and her Demonica paranormal romance series. While a hospital in the underworld run by supernatural creatures like demons and vampires doesn’t necessarily sound sexy, once you start reading the series, you’ll get it. My favorite book is Sin Undone because it introduces one of my favorite characters, Sinead. If you are into shows like Supernatural but want a little more romance, I highly recommend this series.

If you want to read more of a literary but racy classic, I suggest you start with Henry Miller’s once banned opus of American post-modernism, Tropic of Cancer. Anything that sets a stateSupreme Court into a tizzy is going to end up on my bookshelf, and I’m especially going to read it if it’s called a “cesspool, an open sewer, a pit of putrefaction…” Thanks, Pennsylvania Supreme Court Justice Musmanno, and your dissenting argument to ban this book back in 1966! Miller’s frank writing style and subject matter clearly offended many, but it’s just good writing.

Now that you have some steamy romances to read, what are you still doing reading this post? Go on, pick up a book!