Why do you Goodreads?

I just love Goodreads, don’t you?The type-A inside me adores the idea of a virual set of shelves where I can organize every book I’ve read, all the stuff I want to read, and keep track of what I am currently reading. think it helps that my ereader is aKindlebecause Goodreads tends to know what ebooks I have.Goodreads can make suggestions based on the books you have read and authors you have shown interest in,which is a great feature for someone like me. It can find me other books by the same authors or other books in the series. They are listed in sequential order, which I find to be a useful feature. Unless there is a number in the title, it can be hard to find the right order on Amazon, because their books are usually ranked by popularity instead.

Goodreads has allowed me to go on extensive “reading binges” as well. Say I choose a book that is a period romance. Then I am intrigued by the time period, so I’ll search Goodreads for another book, this time something highly recommended in the history section. But that piques interest in the setting of the new book, so I’ll find a fictional novel set in that locale. But maybe that fictional novel mentions a real person, and then I’m off reading a biography on someone. I love when things like that happen.The variety of subject matter has helped me broaden my knowledge base,improving my skills as a writer. Not only does it give me exposure to different styles of writing, but I’ve also got all these little tidbits of information just waiting around in my brain. Any one of them can spark a short story or a novel.All that creative material helps make anything that I write more descriptive and realistic, allowing me to flesh out locations and characters with confidence and accuracy.

Another reason I love Goodreads is that it makes reading a social activity. It is great to lose myself in a book, but it can be an isolating experience; nothing says “Don’t approach me,” quite as effectively as someone with their nose in a book! However, on Goodreads, you can find other like-minded readers to exchange ideas and reviews with. Other users have steered me toward some great books that I may never have found on my own. I’ve also been able to talk to some of my favorite authors through their own Goodreads accounts. It always feels amazing to get a response from an established author!

There you have it: why I Goodreads. What about you? Have you used Goodreads? If not, it’s a great thing to check out if you’re as voracious and eclectic of a reader as I am!