Tween Birthday Party: You Better Come Armed With a Good Gift

I love to find the perfect gift when I am invited to a birthday party. When it comes to tweens, however, the job is a bit difficult. What do these budding adults like? Because I am always reading, I buy a few books on teen age life as a kind of research. I hope the novelists are spot on about their behavior and preferences. Yes, music is a passion, but also sports. These days soccer reigns supreme. After finishing a round of books, I concluded that something from this realm will be fine. I am not interested in buying a ball or support gear, nor am I likely to buy a shirt and shorts set. I have always prided myself on being more unique than the average person. I have to be armed with a good gift come party time.

The gift is for a young cousin who I do not know that well. If I were to receive a soccer-themed present, I would love some new cleats. For a relative, money is no object. It is time to visit the sports store or go online—or both. I want to get it right so I am not going to shortchange this project. The description on the box or website has got to say “premium.” What does that mean?

First of all, I found out from that shoes for soccer with cleats on the soles come in youth sizes too. That gives me a huge selection in all price ranges. They can run to several hundred dollars, and since they start at around $100, I will opt for a model in between. Premium means well made, durable, comfortable, and a quality brand. No need to get the top product, or will be spending too much. I want a very good cleat with superior reviews. I like the laceless version and one touted as “perfect for helping you control the game.” That says a lot. I want upgraded material for the upper cleat, one that is specially engineered for the best lockdown and support. Extra control for touches and shots is the name of the game so to speak. Not only is the vamp important, but the right kind of collar that cuts off around the base of the ankle. This means a sock-like fit. I wonder if my cousin will appreciate all these fabulous features. If not, I will bring them up, particularly the comfortable ride you get every single game. I know that responsiveness and explosiveness is important when running and cutting.

I enjoy watching women’s soccer and you can bet that I am very into this birthday gift. A lot of valuable personal time went into its selection. I had the most trouble deciding on the color. There are many hot shades or green, orange, blue, red, and yellow beyond the dull white and black. My cousin seems like a sprightly gal, so red it is this time.