I Try to Give Things the Benefit of the Doubt…

Would you like to hear about my writing adventures, my reading preferences, or my daily, aka ordinary, life? While the first two might hold some interest to fellow travelers in the world of books, the latter preoccupies me enough to share it with others. I love to get feedback. Sometimes I hear more stories that give me fodder for new material. I keep a journal in the flesh and online so I am always noting down ideas. I spend so much time listening and talking (or texting) people, that I don’t always have much of an “ordinary” life. I don’t clean house, dust or wield a vacuum, go to movies in a brick and mortar theater, or dine out. I don’t walk the dog, bike to work, bake cookies, or style my hair.

When typing rhythmically on the keyboard, my mind sometimes wanders and I create imaginary situations that turn into a short story. Recently, oddly enough it was about a man who fell in love with a vacuum cleaner. I think it was because I had been thinking about the housecleaning and I’d read this page to help me find a new vacuum – https://www.thevacuumchallenge.com/best-dyson-vacuum-cleaner-use/. It turned into a surrealistic romance, obviously fiction. Would this make an interesting book? You must write it to find out. I would read it I suppose. I like oddball stories and a vivid use of the imagination. Why not an appealing female upright. I can see someone starting the book and finding out the plot and yawning with boredom. The reader might slam the book shut and write a nasty note on the author’s Facebook page. What makes something grab attention? This is something every good writer wants to know.

When I read fiction, for example, I am not always fully absorbed in the characters or the setting. It takes time to be hooked. While some books just don’t reel me in, I try to give things the benefit of the doubt. I am told I have a kind heart. When it comes to other authors, I have a lot of respect for their craft. I suffer through it often enough. Maybe that is why I love to read. It is more relaxing and less stressful. I like to enter another world created by an inquisitive mind. Good dialogue gives me a thrill. I learn from every single book, good or bad. Yes, it is important to know what doesn’t work. Maybe a love affair with a vacuum does not. I am going to read it to the end to be sure. I might be surprised. It is like a Bunuel movie or a Salvador Dali painting (remember the melting watches).

As I mature in my reading taste, I embrace new approaches to storytelling and human characterization. Things don’t always have to be super realistic and plausible. That equates to me writing about my daily life. It isn’t that interesting. I would rather have an encounter with an inanimate object as the inspiration for an amusing tale.