Jumpin’ Around

As much as I like reading – and dozens of subjects are on my list – I also like writing, whether freelance for a client, my own evolving novel, or this blog. I vowed to cover interesting moments in my life, but sometimes I am at a loss. I don’t want to bore readers with a mundane description of a meal, a day at the gym, an ordinary shopping trip, or a round of miniature golf. It has to be more eventful than that.

Last night, I jumped on an in-ground trampoline (where the equipment is permanent) with a friend and it was a big surprise. Who knew that jumping around could be so entertaining, and also great exercise. Once you get started, you keep on going until you break a sweat and start to burn calories. I love the idea of replacing a session or two at the gym with this dynamic activity. There is something inherently pleasing about being buoyant. If you progress in your skills and learn to flip and turn (moving from a standing to a seating to a reverse direction standing position), you get all the endorphins going. Trampoline moves at first are not terribly difficult if you are not timid. You need to go for it or you will give up too fast. It is a little scary, but the large trampolines are forgiving and if you land in the wrong place, you will soon right yourself.

I don’t think a trampoline has ever been the focus of a short story or novel. At least, not that I know of. You can clue me in if I am wrong. Meanwhile, I am thinking that it would make a great story for kids or teens. There could be some kind of rivalry involved or a scenario where the class wuss learns the advanced techniques and progresses to win the regional tournament. I can also see a young couple meeting at the trampoline grounds and falling in love over time. One teachers the other the necessary tricks and a bond soon forms. Now there has to be some kind of conflict. One could get hurt doing a tuck jump or double summersault. Maybe it is a pike jump or straddle. If I use the right terms, it will make the book more authentic. What do you think? I am rambling.

No kidding. Let’s move on with the plot. Another woman could enter the picture. Perhaps she is a trainer. The young man in the story could admire her form (and I mean that in both senses of the word. Ha!) When the young woman is injured, the man can take the opportunity to move in on the trainer. When our gal recovers, she will create a major uproar. This is the climax of the story, the point of no return, so to speak. After the climax, comes the resolution. I can envision several conclusions, but I am going to save the final one for the next blog.